Live-In Care

With Bridgegate Care live-in care, a care giver is chosen to be a companion to you or your loved one to live in the home and support with daily activities. It’s all down to you and your loved one to decide how many hours of care you require each day.

A live-in carer is available not only as a companion, but as a source of comfort and care, day and night. You can be confident that help is at hand for you, if any unforeseeable circumstances occur.

For people who need round-the-clock care and want to remain in their own home, we can usually arrange a team of carers to ensure that your relative is receiving attentive care 24 hours a day.

More importantly, they will become a familiar face and a source of company whether it’s cooking a memorable meal, watching a favourite TV programme or reminiscing good memories. Feel free to tell us what is important to you, and we’ll go above and beyond to find the right carer that ticks all the boxes to meet your exact needs.

Whether it is long, medium or short term, we all need help and when it comes to illness, disabilities or even losing a spouse. Companionship can make the world of difference to all concerned. The reassurance of knowing that someone is there can give the confidence in make progressive moves. Especially for family members who are constantly worried about a frail family member, who also have other dependants to attend to.

An ideal scenario: your loved one can stay in the home, where they would prefer to be and where memories are cherished, while family are reassured that someone trained and trusted is always there to help.

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